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Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems are a fundamental part of a healthy home. The system will improve the air quality to create a healthier living environment.  Centralvacuum systems are a convenience that will make your cleaning needs easier. The unit itself is extremely powerful, made to last, and has numerous customized options for any living space and cleaning needs.

Indoor air quality is improved based on the central vacuum system captures 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust, and allergens.  The central vacuum system is designed to remove the vacuumed particles completely out of the living area.  The deep down embedded dirt and debris will be eliminated with suction 5 times more powerful than a conventional vacuum.  The canister that collects the vacuumed material is typically installed in the garage.

A single central vacuum is the only system that is needed.  The system has the capability to reach every square foot of a home using a traditional looking vacuum head and a hose that attaches to properly placed inlets through the house.  Tubing is located within the house walls and directs the suctioned material to the canister.

The central vacuum system has a longer life expectancy than traditional vacuum systems.  There are not any bags or filters to replace making the system virtually maintenance free.

We offer multiple central vacuum products and installation packages. Please browse through the manufacturers websites to view a complete product listing. For information on pricing for purchase, installation, and other services, please fill out the contact form on the website or call our office directly.

Central Vacuum System Manufacturers

Element Central Vacuums

M&D Central Vacuums