Professional Garage Door Repair in Madison WI

Professional garage door repair is an essential service and usually needed as soon as possible for convenience and safety.

At Northland Door Systems, we sell and install only the best quality garage doors and openers. However, we know over time, accidents and occasional malfunctions require a professional repair.

Avoid the Need for Emergency Repair with Proper Maintenance

When garage doors are installed, whether it’s in new construction or it’s a replacement door, it will give you great service for a long time. To help the entire system run better and longer, and possibly eliminate the need for a garage door repair, consider the following maintenance steps recommended by the National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers –

Inspect Regularly – On a monthly basis, look at the garage door springs, cables, rollers and other door hardware for signs of wear. If you suspect any problems, a repair may be needed. Having repairs or adjustments done sooner is usually best to avoid larger, more expensive problems.

Before you try to do a repair yourself, consider the following –

Balance The Door – Periodically test the balance of the door. Well balanced garage doors operate better on all conditions and the hardware and openers will last longer. It will also minimize the need for a repair

Lubricate Hardware – Regularly lubricate all moving parts of the door with oil. The best bet is regular 40W motor oil. Never use grease. Grease gets hard in cold weather and will hamper the operation of the door. Lubricated 2 or 3 times a year.

Protect People and Property With Well Maintained Doors

Garage doors are the largest piece of moving equipment in the home. Properly installed, tested, operated, and safely maintained, a door can provide years of safe and efficient service. Improperly installed or maintained garage doors are potentially dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death.

Call the professionals at Northland Door Systems to assist you in maintaining your garage doors and when needed perform a professional and proper garage door repair in Madison WI.