Residential Garage Door Openers in Madison WI

Garage Door Installation with
Door Openers

Garage door openers are a great convenience. These days, many people equip their garage doors with electric openers. When door installation is done properly, openers can last a long time without problems.

A great deal of care must be taken during garage door installation to ensure proper function and that all the safety features are operating properly. However, openers can become a  safety hazard without proper garage door installation.

Safe Operation of Your Opener

If you are considering a new garage door opener or need an opener serviced be sure to observe the following to avoid potential injury or property damage.

  • Garage door openers can be dangerous if not properly installed or adjusted. The opener has to exert force to open and close the door – any property or person can be at risk because of a malfunction.
  • Periodically test your garage door opener to be sure it has a safety reverse mechanism working properly.
  • Always refer to the owner’s manual and other information provided by the manufacturer of the garage door opener for information on proper installation, testing, operation, and maintenance.
  • When a garage door opener is installed, the garage door pull down ropes normally used for manual operation must be removed and locks made inoperative or removed.

Popular Door Openers We Carry

The openers we install are powered by the best made and most popular brands. The brands we carry include –


Linear LLC


Lift Master/Chamberlain

The Significance of Your Opener

Because garage doors are the largest piece of moving equipment in the home, it is important their openers are installed, tested, operated, and maintained properly. No one wants the inconvenience of a garage door that is stuck open or closed. And, more importantly, no one wants openers that do not protect against property damage and possible personal injury.

Call the professionals at Northland Door Systems for assistance selecting or servicing garage door openers. Our trained professionals will be able to assist you in understanding the best options related to garage door openers available in Madison WI.