Roll Up Fire Doors – Reliable and Durable

When fire protection and safety are critical, choosing the right roll up fire door is paramount. At Northland Door Systems, our fire doors meet all NFPA 80 standards and the needs of facilities that require listed fire doors in rated fire walls. We can help you choose the perfect door for your facility.

Value of Roll Up Fire Doors in Madison WI

A fire door serves multiple purposes. First, it protects property through limiting damage in the event of a fire. Second, it makes a facility much safer to occupy. Finally, it closes a fire wall opening. Our roll up fire doors are durable and reliable due to their high quality design and construction. The different styles of the doors we offer are sure to meet even the strictest fire safety standards as well as the most stringent aesthetic requirements.

Features of Our Fire Doors

The standard maximum width for our doors is 36 feet, and the standard maximum height is 28 feet. Each roll up fire door is also FM or UL rated and features a patented planetary gear design. These doors completely conform to all of the NFPA Standard 80, which address requirements for fire door installation, maintenance and care.

Other noteworthy features of our doors are the presence of bottom-bar sensing edges as well as the use of motor, chain hoist, crank, or lift-up operation. The fire door release system, motion detectors, pull cords, push buttons, radio control, and loop detectors further make this a top choice for people who are looking for fire doors in the area of Madison, WI.

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