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All Your Garage Door Needs


Central vacuum System

Central Vacuum System Options in Madison WI

A central vacuum system is a fundamental part of a healthy home. The systems improve air quality in homes and create healthier living environments. In addition, central vac systems are convenient and make cleaning easier and faster. The units themselves are extremely powerful, made to last, and have numerous options for any living space or cleaning needs

    Improve Indoor Air Quality With A Central Vacuum

    A central vacuum system will capture 100% of all dirt, dust, and allergens. The result is simply better indoor air quality.  Your living areas will be completely free of particles causing dust and particulate matter that aggravates allergies. Deep down embedded dirt and debris will be permanently removed with suction five times more powerful than conventional vacuums.  In addition, to ensure dirt and debris is removed completely, the canister collecting the vacuumed material is positioned outside your home –  usually in the garage.

    A single central vacuum is the only system needed. The system reaches every square foot of your home using strategically placed inlets. Then, a conventional looking vacuum head and hose allow you to plugin and reach every room and every corner within your home. Then, from every room, the dirt and debris is taken though tubing located within your home’s walls directly to a canister outside of your home. Dirt and debris never get a chance to build up. It is a simple but powerful prescription for great indoor air quality.

      A Central Vacuum System Will Last Longer


      Central vacuum systems have longer life expectancy than traditional vacuum systems. They are built to be a fixture in a home, they have commercial grade toughness, delivering years of trouble free use. Even better, there are no messy bags or filters to replace, making the system virtually maintenance free.

      We offer HP Element central vacuum products and installation packages. Please browse through the manufacturers websites to view a complete list of products.

      Contact Northland Door Systems for information on pricing for purchase, installation, and other services related to your central vacuum system in Madison WI.