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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Door Screen

Retractable Garage Door Screens Protect Property, Expand Living Areas

In today’s lifestyle the garage is the most common “front door” for a Madison area family.

Adding rugged, solidly-built retractable garage door screens transforms your garage into a combination of indoor/outdoor living space. A garage door screen provides security and air flow while opening your space for many more family activities.

In years past, if you wanted a garage screen you had to sacrifice the ability to easily open/close the overhead garage door. Those days are long gone. Modern motorized garage door screens work just like the solid doors. Gone are the snaps and zippers. They’ve been replaced with high-tech magnets that move smoothly along tracks to raise and lower the screen doors. They work like your regular door – with remote controls, keypad controls and smart phone apps.

Screens for garage door openings are available to fit both standard double- and single-car garage door sizes.

Garage Door Screens Benefits Abound


A full-sized screen door for your garage adds to your daily lifestyle in several practical ways, including:

  • Mid-summer security – in the heat of Wisconsin’s summer leaving the garage door open to vent as much warm air as possible makes sense. But an open garage door is an invitation to thieves. A screen garage door keeps out “wandering eyes” and anyone who doesn’t belong there. No one can just walk in without making noise and attracting attention.
  • Insect control – the mosquito ranks as one of the state’s biggest pests. Along with flies, gnats, wasps and hornets it is a significant problem in and around a garage. Keeping all these flying pests out of your garage with a large, solid barrier is a plus.
  • Indoor/outdoor living space – a garage transformed into a screened enclosure to keep out pests and uninvited guests makes the space usable for many family activities. Installing a garage screen door allows air flow, ventilation and natural light. The garage becomes a comfortable “hangout” or a workshop, home gym or playroom.
  • Boosts AC performance – summer heat from the garage transfers inside the home through adjoining walls, doors, etc. Cooling the garage and improving air flow slows the transfer. Less heat on shared walls reduces the strain on the air-conditioner.

Select The Right Screens For Garage Openings

The MagnaTrack system from Progressive Screens features reliable motorized controls. It raises and lowers via remotes and smart phone technology. Operating smoothly on standard garage door tracks via specialty magnets the door floats without hang-ups. The magnets also hold the screen tight when the door is down. The extruded aluminum door frames resist rust and eliminate sagging screen materials. The rugged design holds up to collisions with furniture, pets and people.

In the MagnaTrack system, screen doors come in sizes to fit up to 30 feet wide by 24 feet tall.

The system offers three different fully-programmable motors with remote control plus options activated via smart phone with WiFi.

In addition, like standard garage doors, the screens have obstacle protection sensors to respond if the door hits something or there are high winds detected.

A popular high-tech feature is the addition of “Defender” storm screens. The latest additions to the choice of screens not only keep out bugs they fend off high winds and blocks UV rays.

Screen choices include several options for various situations, including:

  • Insect screens – keep out bugs while filtering up to 50% of UV rays. Wider gaps in mesh allow for better visibility and air flow. Special mesh available where ultra-small bugs are a problem.
  • Privacy screens – privacy mesh is tighter and blocks from 80% to 100% of UV rays. Privacy garage door screen is available in several colors – white and light colors to reflect light for more privacy and black or gray for best visibility.
  • Shading – select Solar Mesh to reduce heat and glare by as much as 97%. Helps to keep the house cooler while protecting furnishings inside the garage, porch or patio.

Large Screen Applications Beyond Garage Doors

  • Climate control – screens protect against UV rays and available vinyl window panels create a perfect transition from warm to cool seasons. Using a dual system – vinyl plus screens – makes porches and outdoor structures even more inviting.
  • UV protection – an assortment of fabric choices protect your home from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping out bugs and cooling the space at the same time.

Garage screen-type applications have great potential beyond residential installations. With increasing emphasis on outdoor entertaining in commercial business, large-size screen doors make perfect sense for transitions from indoor to outdoor space. The Progressive Screens commercial options are ideal for:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars/taverns
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Wedding venues
  • Golf clubs
  • Special event venues

    The commercial systems are available in a selection of colors with both vinyl and screen choices. Commercial installations are available in designs and styles to fit openings up to 26-feet wide and 16-feet tall.

    The Defender Screens are preferred choices for high-end residential and commercial installations. All the fabrics used come with a 10-year warranty. In addition, unlike most competitive options that are flammable, the Defender fabrics are “self-extinguishing.”

    All the many unique and versatile screen options are designed to protect your family and benefit your lifestyle.

    To review choices for screens on porches backyard structures and garage doors, call or email Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627.  We’ll custom fit a system of garage door screens that’s perfect for your Madison WI home.