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A Rolling Steel Fire Door Secures People & Property

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Rolling Steel Fire Door| Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

A rugged steel rolling door keeps unwanted elements at bay – people, things and the weather.

Installation of a rolling steel fire door is key to improving workplace security. A high-quality door protects your Madison WI area property, supplies, inventory, documents and staff. In case of fire these doors seal off areas from smoke and flame.

Moving from ceiling to floor rolling steel doors are engineered to close off entire buildings or space within a large building. They come in sizes to fit most openings – from standard employee entrance size to custom overhead garage door versions.

Does your factory, warehouse or retail space come under stringent local fire codes? It isn’t unusual for municipalities to require annual inspections by a certified technician. High-quality doors are UL-approved and meet building and fire codes. Materials used in early rolling doors were wood, aluminum and steel. Steel is the only material reliable as a fire door. Aluminum melts at far too low temperatures and wood is too flammable. Steel doors are available with reliable seals and many have built-in insulation. Investing in a fire-restricting door that keeps Wisconsin’s elements at bay adds to its value.

Rolling Steel Fire Door Specs

Rolling door designs collect and join a series of metal slats doing the work of standard garage door panels. To resist corrosion and excess wear there’s a protective baked-on coating. In addition, some get added protection from a coating that includes zinc. The zinc addition is part of a galvanization process. Doors are available with finishes including:

  • Hot-dip galvanizing – a coat of heated zinc goes on giving the steel a silver finish.
  • Cold galvanizing – a spray of a zinc solution or powder coating applied to metal parts to protect them from weather and corrosives.
  • Powder coating – a high-tech industrial painting technique baking a durable finish onto steel. Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Type 304 stainless steel – the most versatile and widely-used stainless. Common in industrial, architectural and transportation industries. Corrosion-resistant it polishes up to a bright shine or, more often gets a coat of paint.
  • Weather Seals – limit air coming in/out around the rolling door. For fire doors professional installation it is important to be sure the sealing process is complete. If you add seals to the bottom of the door after it’s installed, a pro will also drop test the door to be sure the new seal doesn’t interfere with the closing operation.

Rolling Steel Fire Door| Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

Modern rolling doors are both attractive and reliable.

Rolling fire doors are important for security beyond fire and smoke control. They provide efficient access to many commercial spaces. Because they are steel and large they are heavy. While manual opening/closing systems are available most installations include electric door openers. Where fire control is a main concern, automatic closing systems with remote sensing is an option. Door opener options include:

  • Manual push/pull operation
  • Manual chain hoist up/down control
  • Hand crank controls
  • Electric door openers

Rolling Fire Doors — Safety First

Building codes dictate the degree of fire protection depending upon the activities in your building. The regulations call for fire walls and smoke/fire suppression structures. Obviously there’s never a structure with all walls. There have to be access points. Fire doors join fire walls with serious functions, including:

  • Preventing the spread of heat, flame, hot gasses and burning debris
  • Maintaining their ability to support their designated loads
  • To withstand the impact and pressure of debris

When they’re installed correctly and operated correctly rolling fire doors are safe and efficient. But, never underestimate how heavy and bulky they are. Any moving object of this size and weight is potentially hazardous. To protect your property and people consult a professional garage door team to review your installations and educate your staff. You’ve got a lot invested in people and hardware, it’s worth the extra effort to protect it all, right?

Most safety procedures rely upon operators using common sense, but some are technical. Guidelines for routine rolling steel door inspections include:

  • Regular visual inspections of the door for damage or excess wear.
  • Check the function of all locks and fasteners, making sure everything works.
  • Check the pathway of the door and remove any obvious or potential obstructions.
  • Use the opening mechanism – chain, crank or electric opener – to be sure it moves smoothly.
  • Inspect the door’s springs for wear – if worn or broken, don’t attempt to replace them, call in a professional with the right training and tools.

Rolling Steel Fire Door Pros

Commercial garage-type door manufacturers offer a variety of configurations for rolling security doors. Some designs are to keep people/things where they belong. Some are mesh so you can see what’s on the other side. The engineering behind fire doors allows them to do a lot more. They protect the building and its contents – people and things. The latest technology leads to ever-increasing reliability. When it’s time to replace an old rolling door with a high-tech new one, or get an existing door repaired look into all the options. Modern rolling steel doors come with many accessories and choices – colors, etc. When you need service to any loading dock or commercial doors Northland Door Systems is just a phone call away – 608-251-3627.

We offer a wide range of commercial garage doors and accessories. Take advantage of our expertise to add a rolling steel fire door to protect your Madison WI property.

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