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Central Vacuum Systems Provide Power, Performance

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Central Vacuum Systems | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

The motor for a centralized system is tucked well away from the vacuuming so a quick cleanup doesn’t disrupt the whole family.

There are machines with ball-steering and robots designed to clean your home but central vacuum systems are more powerful, quieter and more convenient than traditional machines. And, they increase the value of your Madison WI area home. A whole-house vacuum installation eliminates the noise, smell and extra airborne dust of less reliable portable versions. Central vacuum systems clean any surface and attend to any spill throughout the house.

Beyond the convenience of on-demand cleaning, a whole house vacuum system has proven to reduce allergies – a study of hay fever sufferers by the University of California- Davis School of Medicine found that symptoms improved by as much as 60% when patients used a central vacuum system.

Central Vacuum Systems Deliver the Most Power

Portable vacuum cleaners all claim to have the most consistent suction and cleaning power. Central vacuum systems deliver up to five times as much power as the best portable models. Because there’s a fixed vacuum installation, whole house systems use larger motors. The extra power allows them to capture more dirt – from the smallest dust and pet dander to large debris with one pass over the area. Central systems are available in sizes to fit each home based on square footage. Filter technology that’s unavailable to small portable models makes a centralized vacuum network serving the entire house cleaner and more efficient.

Vacuum installation | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

All the customary attachments are available plus many custom designs like this upholstery tool.

With the appropriate filtration system, like the ultra-efficient Cyclonic Filtration Technology ® from H-P Products, powerful performance is assured and the system’s motor does not lose power because dirt builds up in the canister.

A Complete, Enclosed System

A central vacuum system is a closed ducted system. Everything required for powerful cleaning is part of the overall installation. The built-in vacuum system includes:

  • A base power unit sized to the square footage of your home
  • A collection container – some use replaceable, washable bags
  • Inlets strategically placed throughout the home
  • A tube system for transporting dirt, dust and household debris to the canister
  • A universal hose for use with every inlet – varying in length but 30-feet is common
  • A hose management system
  • A vacuum powerhead for deep cleaning
  • All the accessories normally associated with vacuum cleaner

Benefits of Central Vacuum Systems

Anyone using a built-in vacuum installation quickly compiles a list of benefits and advantages. The leading benefits include:

  • Overall convenience – there’s no heavy machine to pull or push, nothing to lug up/down stairs and nothing bumping into walls and furnishing. The biggest plus is not worrying about a power cord reaching where you need it or finding an outlet. No bags or dust canisters to empty or replace after every cleaning – the main canister needs emptying two or three times a year depending upon the level of use.
  • Plenty of power all the time – the concept of “deep cleaning” relies upon consistent power and central vacuum systems are normally rated at least five times more powerful than the best portable models.
  • Efficient on all surfaces – there’s power for getting into the nap of carpet or for cleaning spills on hardwood floors, not adjustments required.
  • Keeps pets hair and dust under control – There’s no blowback from the motor (it’s in the garage of basement) so dust is removed, not recirculated. Pet hair and dander goes into the collection canister, not the air.
  • Improved air quality throughout the house – because dust, pet hair, allergens and dust mites are removed and deposited well away from the living areas, the overall quality of life in the home improves.
  • Reduced noise – With the power unit well away from the rooms being cleaned there’s very little noise associated with the vacuum installation.
  • Protects floors and furnishings – deep cleaning extends the life of carpets, drapes and upholstery. Because central vacuum systems are convenient and easy to use they are used frequently.
  • Increased resale value of the home – a whole-home vacuum system increases the resale value of any home. National surveys show it can add more than $2,000 to the sale price – especially in today’s market where “smart homes” are popular trends.

Anytime Installation

While the most convenient time for a centralized installation is during new construction, a system can be installed at any time where there’s full basement access. An appropriate time is during a bathroom, kitchen or other major remodeling project.

The trained professionals at Northland Door Systems provide built-in vacuum installation throughout Southern Wisconsin. Call them and take advantage of the area’s most efficient central vacuum systems plus in-stock accessories for custom installations.

For tips on vacuum installation, call Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627 or email us for professional assistance when it’s time to review central vacuum systems for your Madison WI home.