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All Your Garage Door Needs


Garage Door Installation Needs Craftsmen More Than Ever

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Proper garage door installation is generally tougher now than in the past.

The simple reason is building practices have changed. The result is the structures where the installations are made have garage door openings that are not square. No ninety degree angles to be found.

So when doing a garage door installation, the challenge is installing a garage door and its support tracks and equipment so they are square.

When Your Garage Door Installation Is Not Square

If your garage door is not installed plum and level (door runs crooked) – bad things will happen. The following components will wear out or fail prematurely –

  • Tracks wear more quickly
  • Rollers can fail sooner
  • Jambs in the doors

More than ever, having a trained craftsman for your garage door installation is not only preferred, it is required for the proper operation. Poor installation reduces the life of your garage door components and is in fact, wasteful.

Adjustments Can Be Made during Your Installation In Madison WI

The problems you encounter with typical door installations are usually out of your control. The challenge is making adjustments to garage doors and the hardware allowing the garage doors to do their jobs.

A common example in newer homes is how the concrete is poured. Often, it isn’t level so a square garage door installation will require adjustments so the bottom of the door is flush with the floor. Or, also related to concrete, the floor is pitched incorrectly, the door can become a dam when there is winter melt from vehicles.

Assuming the installation is square (at which Northland Door Systems is expert), depending on the door and the manufacturer, adjustments to the base plate will allow the door to be flush. But there are limitations.

  • Adjustments on base plates can be no larger than 1 ½ inches
  • Manufacturer recommendation adjustment ¾”

Why Craftsmen Are Recommended With Installations

Northland Door Systems recommends trained craftsmen do the job. If you are capable, more power to you! But our experience is we have had to correct poor installations because the doors have not operated correctly (smoothly). This situation may produce –

  • More wear on all parts of the systems – and premature failure
  • Makes safety features less reliable
  • In particular, the reverse function could be greater and this more dangerous
  • Operator might not work correctly

The trained professionals Northland Door Systems are expert at door repair and installation. No matter the situation, we have been able to install and repair garage doors from every major manufacturer in all types of homes including new construction and existing homes of all ages from before building codes were uniform.

We serve Madison WI and the surrounding areas up to fifty miles. Call or email Northland Door Systems to eliminate the headaches of your garage door installation in Madison WI.