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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Garage Door Windows Add Design Style

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Garage Door Windows | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

Window placement makes a big difference in how they relate to your home’s style. You have several options.

Curb appeal is important to maintaining pride in ownership plus resale value. Changes in garage doors, including adding garage door windows makes a statement. Garage door professionals report that including door windows is among the most asked for options in Madison WI and the surrounding area.

Like all options, windows in a garage store have both advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantage is allowing natural light into a naturally dark space. While providing interior light is beneficial complementing the home’s design is the No. 1 reason for windows. A new garage door with designer windows is a quick, easy way to give your home a facelift.

Pros And Cons of Garage Door Windows

Northland Door Systems provides door options from leading manufacturers, each with several window options.

When you’re ready to make a garage door change, consider the following advantages of including windows:

  • Natural light – improve visibility in the garage during the day without using electricity. Light through the windows can also improve the warmth inside during winter. Natural light makes moving around in the garage safer as well.
  • Curb appeal – with a wide variety of window shapes, styles and glass options from which to choose, your garage door becomes a decorator’s touch. Windows are available in vertical and horizontal configurations to match most any architectural styling.
  • Design elements – windows in the garage door can match exterior doors and the entire home.
  • Glass options – modern high-energy glass filters out the sun’s UV rays, maintains insulation and comes in various tints. Modern technology incorporates shatter-proof properties so windows are safe. Glass choices include tempered glass that’s ideal if you have active sports events in the driveway. Decorative finishes like bronze and copper coatings are options.
  • Customization – with the many shapes and glass options you can customize the look of your garage door by including windows. Common customization details include faux hinges and unique latches. Windows add a different dimension – small squares in long panels, long windows, horizontal or vertical installation, etc. Windows enhance traditional and contemporary designs.

There Are Drawbacks

Door Windows | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

Windows in your garage door highlight and coordinate with your home’s architecture.

A garage door with windows isn’t for every installation. There are drawbacks including:

  • Privacy – depending upon how you configure your windows, outsiders may be able to see inside your garage. Windows are thought to be places where intruders can break in and reach locks. NOTE: Most installations have windows across the top panel, well above normal sight lines and above locks.
  • Less energy efficient – windows provide less insulation than door panels. Some glass options provide little R-value and don’t reflect UV rays.
  • Overall cost – in most cases a door with windows costs more than one without them. Craftsmanship and design raise production costs.
  • Reduced security – technically as door with glass is less secure because windows can be broken out.
  • Windows don’t open – unlike windows in the house door windows don’t open to allow ventilation.
  • Require additional maintenance – windows show dirt and grime. Dirty windows detract from the positive curb appeal. Upper panel windows mean climbing a ladder periodically to keep them clean.

Adding Windows To Existing Door

With windows a hot trend in garage doors, homeowners are asking if they can add windows to an existing door. The answer isn’t straight forward – it’s “yes, but…” You can add windows to your garage doors but it isn’t easy.

Once you’ve determined which of the many shapes, styles, tints and sizes you want in your garage door, you have to decide where to put them. Up the side? Across the top panel? If you want to see out – or have other see in – windows may be installed in the panel below the top one.

Operational Considerations

Does a garage door with windows operate differently from one without? A new door of any kind needs to be calibrated to your garage door opening system – especially if you aren’t upgrading it at the same time. An aging system must be balanced with the new door to make sure all safety measures are working.

Installing windows in an existing garage door impacts the door’s spring system. Even a slight variation in the door’s weight can create a dangerous imbalance. Adding windows requires a spring system adjustment by a professional technician. Springs are not DIY projects.

Because of the technical aspects of redesigning a garage door to add windows, it should only be attempted by a skilled professional. Choosing a new door is a simpler plan however it might be more costly. Window installations include the cost of windows, rebuilding the door and adjusting the operating systems.

High-quality, precision-engineered systems are only as good as the skilled professionals who install and keep them working. Call or email Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627 or visit our unique garage door show room just minutes from Madison. We make it easy to work with our professionals. We’re here for repairs, maintenance and installation of the latest garage door choices with and without garage door windows anywhere in the Madison WI area.

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