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H-P Vacuum Systems Deliver Power, Performance

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

H-P Vacuum | Central Vacuum | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

For reoccurring, annoying spills in specific areas, the Vroom® is a great addition.

H-P vacuum installations put cleaning power where you need it throughout the house. The majority of your daily cleanup chores are required in the same places – you’re cleaning the same 10% of your Madison WI area house 80% of the time. Kids leave a trail of crumbs in the family room, the cat distributed litter outside its designated area and the dryer’s lint trap is overworked.  You can get out the upright vacuum, use a weak battery-powered hand-held unit or let it be until you have time to clean the whole house. A better option is calling on your central vacuum system – it’s at hand whenever you need it.

H-P Vacuum – Efficient Cleaning Every Time

Even the most expensive portable vacuum cleaner doesn’t deliver consistent power and cleaning power every time it’s turned on. Because they’re driven by a fixed power source using much larger motors, central vacuum systems consistently generate up to five times more suction than the most powerful portable vacuums. The boost in power allows central units to capture even the smallest particles of dust, dirt, pet hair and dander. At the same time central units aren’t allowing even the finest dust elements to find their way back into the air in the room – the power, filters and collection unit are all removed from the living space.

H-P vacuum systems feature ultra-efficient Cyclonic Filtration Technology ® that assures fresh air and the system’s motor does not lose power because dirt builds up in the canister.

Benefit from an Enclosed System

Central Vacuum | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

A vacuum cleaner where you need it, when you need it is a whole-home accessory ready to become reality.

It doesn’t take long to witness the advantages a central vacuum has over portable models, including:

  • Convenience –no heavy machine to pull or push, nothing to lug up/down stairs and nothing bumping into walls and furnishing. No power cord. No bags or dust canisters to empty more than once or twice a year.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty – manufacturers stand behind the power units.
  • Reliable Power – central vacuum systems are normally rated at least five times more powerful than the best portable models.
  • Efficient Everywhere – raise the nap of carpet or for clean hard surface floors, no adjustments required.
  • Keeps Air Clean, Too – no blowback from the motor so no recirculated dust. Pet hair and dander goes into the collection canister, not the air. Dust, pet hair, allergens and dust mites are removed and deposited well away from the living areas.
  • Less noise – With the power unit in the garage or basement there’s very little noise associated with the vacuum.
  • Increased Home Value – a whole-home vacuum installation increases the resale value of any home.

H-P Vacuum MX2500 Delivers ‘Bang for Your Buck’

Even with its compact design the H-P MX2500 power unit delivers a great return on investment. This basic unit is ideal for new construction or installation during a remodeling or up-grading project. Designed for up to 2,500 square feet of space, its features include:

  • Compact Size – just 20 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter
  • Quiet operation
  • Rugged, powder-coated finish
  • Top-loading, dirt-free design for replacing filters – multiple filters for advanced cleaning
  • 3-gallon replaceable filter bags that seal in dirt and dust – replace bags four times a year
  • No exterior exhaust or muffler required

The H-P vacuum MX2500 is compact and powerful. It can be installed in basement, garage or even a closet. Attachments make cleaning almost effortless. Manufactured in Ohio, the MX2500 has proven to be so dependable it’s backed by a 3-year warranty.

Smart Vacuums for Smarter Homes

Not a day goes by without somebody announcing a “smart this” or a “smart that.” Now a central vacuum can be as smart as the rest of the house.

The SmartCentral ™ vacuum system provides on-the-spot power with no dust recirculation. The system is focused on two distinctive zones:

  1. SpeedZone – for quick control of everyday messes in high traffic areas
  2. HomeZone – for whole house cleaning efficiency, available with standard or retractable hose system and attachments for carpets, bare floors and upholstery

Catering to your needs in these specific zones are two unique units. Each unit is easily concealed and ready for almost instant access. The combination includes:

Vroom® – with up to a 24-foot hose the Vroom H-P vacuum is typically installed beneath a cabinet. When the dog or cat dumps its food or kids and pets track in dirt to kitchen, bathroom or mudroom. The Vroom is deployed and the cleanup completed in no time.

Spot® – has a 15-foot retractable hose and is installed inside a nearby wall. It too is ideal for laundry room, mudroom and pet areas.

All these elements of the three power demands are engaged by powerful central vacuum units. They eliminate 100% of dirt, dust and allergens leaving you with a healthier home.

Anytime Installation

While the most convenient time for adding a central vacuum system is during new construction, a completely contained system can be installed at any time where there’s full basement access. A bathroom, kitchen or other major remodeling project affords an excellent opportunity to make this high ROI investment.

The trained professionals at Northland Door Systems provide built-in vacuum installation throughout Southern Wisconsin. Call Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627 or email us for professional assistance and take advantage of the area’s most efficient central vacuum systems and add an H-P vacuum to your  Madison WI  area home.

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