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All Your Garage Door Needs


Leave Garage Door Repair to the Pros for Safety

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Garage door repair strikes many people with some mechanical ability as a relatively easy task.

As with a number of mechanical problems, a garage door repair seems easy enough to understand. However, one thing the average person does not appreciate is how performing a repair can have bad consequences.

After all, while the general idea of how a garage door and garage door openers work seems straightforward enough, the skill and knowledge of how to actually do the job are often missing ingredients. And, a garage door repair gone awry is unforgiving.

Repair Done Wrong is Unforgiving

At Northland Door Systems, we have been called in after the failed repair and found general unfamiliarity has caused a variety of injuries. A big reason is the power of a torsion spring counter balance system. Another is the sheer weight of a door and how unwieldy it is if handles incorrectly.

Below are just a few of the injuries we have seen on a regular basis from do-it-yourselfers –

  • Various substantial pinch injuries
  • Broken wrists
  • Broken arms
  • Torn tendons in arms and shoulders
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Back injuries from falling off ladders
  • Head injuries from falling off ladders or getting hit by a door accidentally

A garage door repair can look fairly simple on paper, however, knowing what to do must be combined with knowing how and when to do it. If not, personal injuries can occur. Not to mention damage to a door, a spring, the tracks, rollers or openers.

Maintenance to Avoid Needing a Repair as Long as Possible

Maintaining your garage door will prolong the life of your garage door system. Because it is mechanical, proper operation will cause less stress during use. Less stress on the system equals longer operating life.

Consider doing the following with your garage door and minimize the need for door repairs in Madison WI.

  • Lubricate moving parts such as rollers in tracks
  • Lubricate Hinges
  • Tighten screws & bolts on bottom plate
  • Do not touch torsion spring at all

Signs your garage door needs maintenance –

  • You hear metal on metal squeaking – lubricate
  • With metal on metal grinding – get professional help as soon as possible because your system is out of alignment and under increased stress. Your parts can wear out or just fail (break).

Other Situations Where Garage Door Repair is Needed

Other situations where a professional repair is suggested is when the safety devices created for garage doors with electric openers may not be functioning correctly or they are out of alignment. There are two main safety devices to monitor –

Photo Eyes – be sure they are working. They are the first defense against anyone being hit by a closing door. Assuming the photo eye has power and the eyes work when they are in line, be sure the height is correct. They should be no lower than four inches and no higher than six inches off the ground. These settings assure nothing will be crushed or pinned under the door even if lying on the ground. These setting are especially safe for children.

Safety Reverse – this is the reverse your garage door opener will execute when the door hits anything. If you do not know how to set the reverse level, be sure to get assistance. If it is set too heavy it can cause personal injury or property damage.

Northland Door Systems can help with setting your garage door safety setting and all other repair needs, from maintenance to replacement. We provide professional service in Madison WI and surrounding areas for up to fifty miles.

Call Northland Door Systems or email us for assistance with your garage door repair in Madison WI.