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Rolling Security Grilles Put Areas Off Limits

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

When you need to separate your business from public access without limiting visibility or air flow, security grilles are the answer. Rolling grilles prevent unwanted entry to your business spaces in and around Madison WI. Screen-like grilles make it clear an area is off limits. In an age of heightened awareness of security threats and challenges, these unique installations find their way into more than traditional business settings. Schools, community centers, churches, government buildings and other public spaces are prime locations. Rolling grilles tuck away when not in use and can deploy quickly when needed.

Most businesses have spaces restricted to authorized employees only. A rolling grille restricts entry while allowing for quick, accurate visual inspection at all time.

Secured grilles send clear messages to anyone thinking about unapproved entry. Customized, modern styles are virtually maintenance-free. Overhead grilles roll out of the way when not needed. designs are appropriate to protect service area windows, parts departments, retail spaces in malls, restaurants and food courts and school food service areas among others.

Choose Security Grilles That Fit Your Business

Grilles come in various screen sizes and shapes. They are also available adding to the appeal of your space. Most modern options can be powder-coated with custom colors. A wide selection is available in dozens of standard colors.

Most Installations are for a hanging structure above the space it is to block. In addtion, installations are available as folding, rollup doors moving from side to side. How you use the space and the structure surrounding it determines your best choice.

As you consider a new grille installation or replacing some kind of existing security feature, ask:

  • Does your security grille system pre-date your ownership?
  • Is the existing system failing, getting harder to open and working erratically?
  • Is it damaged – has it survived a break in attempt?

Answer “yes” to any of these and replacement grilles are a wise investment. While the professionals at Northland Door Systems provide factory-trained maintenance service there comes a time for a new model. Make a change when:

  • the existing protective structure or mechanism is warn or damaged
  • you want to improve to look of your facility

Take time to review the latest advances. A new grille is an excellent way to improve security and aesthetics at the same time.

Evaluate Grilles For Your Application

Most Standard grills include 5/16-inch solid aluminum or galvanized steel rods combined with various-sized chain link shapes. With each of these elements spaced at customized intervals. Openings between the aluminum spacers can be set to different sizes depending upon the security needs of your facilities. Grilles typically coil above countertops or doorways.

Schools and public buildings, with a heightened awareness of the need for security, are finding grilles are ideal for making specific spaces “off limits” to control access.

There are many door options –in terms of materials, design and application. The most common, rolling grille installations include:

  • Standard width of 30-feet 4-inches.
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum hoods protecting the unit when rolled up out of the way.
  • Galvanized steel links and rods – with aluminum a popular options where weight is a factor or the unit will be exposed to the elements.
  • Curtain patterns of varying shapes, designs and materials.
  • Powder-coated finishes for durability in all conditions.
  • Control units ranging from basic pull cords to push button electric wall mounts and radio controlled systems.

As in-business security increases in priority advances in related systems does too. New technology goes into creating more advanced systems all the time, Engineering advances are combining the latest materials, controls and design elements.

No company in southern Wisconsin has more experience in providing service, repairs and installation of commercial doors and grilles than Northland Door Systems. It represents top manufacturers for all types of commercial garage doors and rollup grilles and screens. From its Prairie du Sac headquarters it fields a large team of trained technicians ready to serve business of all sizes throughout southern Wisconsin.

Call or email Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627 to work with our professionals. We’re here to repair, maintain and install the latest security grilles in and around Madison WI.