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All Your Garage Door Needs


All Your Garage Door Needs


Rolling Service Doors are Durable and Secure

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Rolling Service Doors | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

The height of your ceilings makes no difference when it comes to installing rolling doors.

Rolling service doors are ideal for commercial garage door installations because they are rugged and provide an extra measure of security. When space is limited, performance is a premium and reliability is mandatory for your Madison WI facility, install rolling garage-style doors.

Reliable Commercial Garage Door Options

Garage doors for commercial buildings come in many sizes and configurations. A rolling door offers distinct advantages, including:

  • Protection – security is vital in business. Garage doors for shipping and receiving and vehicle storage areas are key entry points for trespassers. Rolling doors offer protection beyond sheet metal panels. They are almost thief-proof and reliable.
  • Energy-efficient – overhead roll-up doors provide insulation on their own. Additional insulation increases the benefit. They are easy to engage, requiring little energy to raise and lower.
  • Reduce Noise – keep external noises out because these commercial doors are sealed at the edges. Sealing the edges not only reduces noise, it reduces entry of dust and debris.
  • Space Saving – folding panel overhead doors take space above the floor. They are limited to buildings with accommodating low ceilings. Rolling doors fit buildings with the highest ceilings. Standard installations have a maximum width of 20 feet wide and 20 feet high. Custom designs can be installed for almost any user.
  • Robust Construction – rolling doors require little maintenance and resist rust and corrosion. Available in wide and narrow, tall or standard openings. Work with a variety of opening systems.

Rolling Service Doors’ Performance Features

Commercial Garage Door | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

Rolling Service Door – model 800

Rolling doors for commercial buildings are popular because they can be custom fit and configured for specific installations. Available performance features include:

  • Individual control panel with electronic controller featuring an internal microprocessor for efficient, energy-saving on-demand use.
  • 3-inch flat slat construction – no gaps between slats to let in dust, rain, snow or prying eyes.
  • Endlocks on alternating sides of the slats.
  • Insulated slats – adding to the already insulating power of the standard door.
  • 22 gauge steel construction means these doors are built to last and stand up to demanding daily expectations.
  • Hardened, powder-coat finishes in standard colors – gray, beige and white. Powder coating provides resistance to corrosion and keeps the finish looking new.
  • Perimeter seals inside and outside keep out the elements.
  • Weather stripping inside and outside combat Madison’s weather extremes.

Rely on Professionals for Commercial Doors

Getting into and out of your warehouse, storage units and garage space is vital to everyday business activity. Protecting those spaces from outside influences and unwanted intrusions is important. The overhead doors providing efficient access to your staff are critical elements often overlooked.

The trained professionals at Northland Door Systems provide the latest in garage doors with complete installation and service throughout Southern Wisconsin. Call Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627 or email us for professional assistance to select the right commercial garage door and install efficient rolling service doors in a Madison WI facility.