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Security Grills – Restrict Access, Protect Assets

Mar 1, 2024 | news | 0 comments

Security grills prevent unwanted access into business spaces without restricting vision. These Screen-like grills make it clear an area is off limits. Do you need to separate parts of your Madison WI business from public access without limiting visibility or air flow? In an era of increased security threats and challenges, these unique installations provide security solutions for more than traditional business need. Schools, community centers, churches, government buildings and other public spaces are prime locations. Rolling shutters as well as grills tuck away when not in use, then deploy quickly as needed.

Grills come in various sizes and shapes. Popular options can be powder-coated with custom colors to complement that décor of your space. They’re available in dozens of standard colors plus custom paint.

Most grills are installed above the space they are designed to block. However there are more and more styles available to be used as folding, rollup doors that move from side to side. You have many choices depending upon the space and the structure surrounding the opening you want to cover.

Do you need to improve existing security or expand into a new space? As you evaluate options, consider:

  • The age of existing security screening – Do existing security grille/shutter systems pre-date your ownership?
  • Is the current system getting hard to open or working erratically?
  • Is the grille/shutter damaged?

There’s A Security Grille For Your Need

Security Grills | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

When you want to restrict access but still see what’s on both sides of the door, a rolling security grill is an ideal option.

The professionals at Northland Door Systems provide factory-trained maintenance service to take on these challenges. Sometimes repairs make sense but eventually replacement options have to be reviewed. The two main reasons to put in new screen protections are:

  • When the existing protective structure or it operating mechanism is warn or damaged
  • If you want to enhance the look of your facility or increase security

Customized, modern styles are virtually maintenance-free. Rollup grills disappear out of the way when not needed. There are sizes and designs appropriate to protect all kinds of spaces, including:

  • Automotive service area windows
  • Parts departments
  • Retail store openings in malls
  • Restaurants and food courts
  • School food service areas
  • Golf course, parks, swimming pools and recreation area snack bars, etc.
  • High-security areas in distribution centers, factories, etc.

Sort Size, Shape Grille Options

Security Grills | Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

There are situations when you do not want anyone seeing what’s inside – a rolling security shutter screens the opening.

Most security screens roll up above a countertop or doorway. However some slide or roll to the side. There’s one that works for almost every security demand.

If there’s a standard grille size it is most likely to feature 5/16-inch solid aluminum or galvanized steel rods. These rugged rods combined with various-sized chain link sizes and shapes. Each element is spaced at customized intervals. The openings between spacers are set to different sizes depending upon the security requirements for the space you’re working to cover.

What do you need to secure your facilities? There are options for every component basic material, design and application. The most popular, rolling grille and shutter installations include:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum hoods protecting the screen when it is coiled up out of the way
  • Galvanized steel links and rods
  • Aluminum links and rods for larger doors when weight is a factor
  • Curtain patterns of various shapes, designs and materials
  • Powder-coated paint finishes for durability
  • Control units ranging from manual pull cords to push-button electric wall mounts or radio controlled systems
  • Standard width of 30-feet 4-inches.

New technology goes into creating more advanced systems all the time. As in-business security demands increase advances in related systems do, too.  Engineering advances are combining the latest materials, controls and design elements.

No. 1 Choice For Security Grille Solutions

Northland Door Systems is the No. 1 provider of service, repairs and installation of commercial doors and grills in southern Wisconsin. It represents top manufacturers for all types of commercial garage doors and rollup grills, shutters and screens. It fields a large team of trained technicians ready to serve businesses of all sizes throughout southern Wisconsin. Its commitments to and relationships with elite equipment manufacturers insures high-tech solutions. To take advantage of our decades of experience, call or email Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627.  Northland Door is your complete resource for all commercial building and distribution center security equipment in southern Wisconsin. We’re here to repair, maintain and install the latest rolling shutters and security grills in and around Madison WI.

Factors to consider when buying security grilles