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All Your Garage Door Needs


The Right Sectional Overhead Door For Your Business

Mar 1, 2024 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Sectional Overhead Door| Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

Available in colors, sizes and configurations to fit your facilities, sectional doors are a great option.

The sectional overhead door is the standard for commercial garage entry across the country. It not only makes your Madison WI area shop or warehouse more efficient, it makes a great first impression on the outside. As one of the most often used pieces of moving equipment in the facility it has to be reliable.

Commercial sectional garage doors consist of several panels that slide up and down just like the doors on your garage at home. The major difference is scale and strength. Typically, sectional doors for a commercial installation are made with 14- to 16-gauge steel. For specialty garage door installations some use panels that are mostly glass. Others mix windows and solid panels.

While good looks count, function is a priority with commercial garage doors. Using rugged steel or a combination of steel and heavy-duty aluminum commercial doors are usually large and heavy. The basic design and material choices also dictate that powered openers have to be rigorous and stronger than residential openers. The opener matched to the door is critical because if it fails, these doors are very difficult to open manually.

Professionals speculate residential garage doors average an open/close sequence 1,500 times per year. The loading dock garage door opens many times more than that.

With the investment you’re making in a commercial-grade garage door and heavy-duty garage door opener, you expect it to perform on demand, right?

Advantage Of A Sectional Overhead Door

One of the biggest advantages of a sectional door is the ability to customize it to fit a variety of openings. Because they come together as several panels slotted together they can be customized for different height and panels with windows are easy to accommodate. Modular in design, maintenance and repairs are easier, too. Downtime is productivity and money lost. So you want a door that works when you need it and can be repaired quickly if it doesn’t, don’t you?

Sectional Overhead Door| Madison WI | Northland Door Systems

For a showroom or service center and all-glass sectional door makes the most of natural lighting.

Beyond performance, sectional overhead garage doors are available in a variety of colors and finishes. While curb appeal isn’t as important to a distribution center or service shop, making a positive impression on customers makes sense.

When expanding and existing facility or building a new one, consider these advantage of a sectional door:

  • Smooth, quiet operation – sectional doors open and close smoothly with little noise. When opened and closed many times each day, noise reduction contributes to a better work environment.
  • Energy-efficiency – with their built-in seals sectional doors prevent drafts as they keep heat in during winter and out in summer.
  • Automated opening – ideal for a variety of commercial-grade garage door opening systems.
  • Enhanced security – with their rugged construction and robust materials sectional doors are difficult to breach. Even all-glass doors offer added security plus visibility – security can see what’s going on inside.
  • Easy maintenance – routine preventive maintenance keeps doors operating at high levels. Should you damage the door, repairs are relatively easy, minimizing downtime.
  • The right size – because customized doors fit openings of various heights and width they are more versatile than many other options.
  • Good looks – available in many custom and standard colors to showcase you company’s colors and create an attractive work environment.

Sectional Commercial Doors – Drawbacks

Since they have been a standard for commercial installation for so many years, business owners have accepted sectional doors, faults and all. There are some disadvantages to keep in mind, including:

  • Ceiling space – these rugged commercial doors use tracks that run up the sides and horizontally overhead. That means they need ceiling space and overhead clearance to accommodate the tracks.
  • Facility lighting – when the large overhead doors are open they block all ceiling-mounted lights. Limiting available light in a shipping/receiving area can reduce efficiency.
  • Parts – sectional doors have more basic parts and more moving parts than some alternatives (rollers, hinges, etc.).
  • Weight – their rugged construction that makes them a great selection in most cases can be a drawback when it comes to electronic opening systems. Openers have to be able to repeatedly lift much heavier loads than residential counterparts. A commercial sectional overhead door can weigh nearly 1000 pounds. Doors like this are difficult, at best, to open manually.

When any of these is a serious concern, do you have alternatives? Modern rolling commercial garage doors, though less versatile in many installation situations, are a viable option.

Sectional Overhead Door – Installation Is Critical

Whether you’re outfitting a distribution center, small warehouse, show or showroom, don’t overlook how garage doors impact your ability to make a good impression on customers and prospects. Promoting your brand and company image extends to your facilities. You want to generate a positive image, right? And, you want to create an environment in which your employees and customers feel good coming and going.

Of course, great looks only go so far. A beautiful lineup of loading dock doors doesn’t make up for poor performance or too many failures. Enlisting the aid of highly-trained commercial garage doors specialists is the key to keeping your business flowing in and out. Proper installation of each door and opening system is vital. And, having reliable garage door maintenance and repair professionals on call is too. Not only do they deliver parts and service when you need it, they provide an overall level of confidence. The heavy-duty garage doors in your facilities are one less thing to worry about.

Working with the best commercial garage door manufactures, Northland Door Systems brings the latest technology to every commercial door installation. This commitment and relationship with elite garage door manufacturers insures high-tech solutions to businesses throughout southern Wisconsin. Northland Door Systems repairs, installs and stands behind the best commercial doors, commercial garage door openers and loading dock/warehouse accessories. We cover a wide service. To take advantage of our decades of experience, call or email Northland Door Systems at 608-251-3627.

Northland Door is the complete resource for loading dock equipment in southern Wisconsin, including a new sectional overhead door or commercial on-site service in the Madison WI area.

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